About us

Honesty is the name of the game, and at TYRESERV we combine that with a top notch A-CLASS service. We deliver and we care – essentially a full service, full on family concern our commitment to customer services is what drives us and moves us forward. From humble beginnings, we have built a business up from scratch which includes our own commitment and passion to what we are all about and the services we are able to give our valued customers and clients in and around London. From very humble beginnings – our CEO and Founder Ricky Oliver incorporates the best ideals in business execution and satisfaction.

We believe our success is due to YOU – our many loyal customers whom we will continue to serve to the best of our abilities.

Having started off with just a single mobile van, we worked hard, built on our reputation and made sure we were consistent in our services. Slowly building our way up from right there, we believe it is our business model which enables us to provide excellent services to you. From mobile tyre-fitting to wheel balancing and even tyre rotation, puncture repair and battery fitting – all you need do is give us a call and we’ll be right over. Servicing both private individuals and corporates, we offer honest and above par services at both markets comparable and competitive pricing – along with a service guarantee each time we come around.

Here to assist and resolve all your four wheel based qualms and conundrums – Give us a call if you ever find yourselves in a bit of a pickle.

Thanks for visiting our website today, we’ve packed it full with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For more information on our services and rates, visit our Facebook page. If you have any questions or queries you can give us a call at the 01708 208 860 today.

Our Family

Ricky Oliver CEO - Serv Group Limited

My name is Ricky Lee Oliver, I’m am a young entrepreneur with a passion for business, family, and life. I started selling sweets and drink at school when I was about 9 and quickly learnt that I was good at this and started expanding my range and thanks to Jamie Oliver (no relation) getting the fizzy drinks and high sugary sweets banned from schools there was always and market to sell to. It wasn’t until the age of 14 that I embarked on my first real business, a rundown cab office in London, I started by taking some great advice from my most loyal supporters My Grandfather and Grandmother, they have been the steading hands though the rough storms, always making sure they are on hand to give me sound advice and keep me grounded when they think I’m getting to big for my boots.

Being the head of an organization has its benefits but more than that, it has it reasonability’s and every member of our family has a rent or mortgage to pay, bills and everything else so it’s my job to sell this company, and giving our customers a true story and hopefully start a long relationship off in the right direction.

My Grandfather gave me some great advice when I started in business and it has stayed with me ever since, “if it was easy everyone would do it, so when it gets tough you get tougher” I think that sums up starting a business from scratch quite nicely, there have been many hard times and many good ones too, but one thing has always remained the same, I truly feel blessed to have such a great family, there’s no workers, staff, team etc.… only family here.

Konna Cawdron - Media Manager

A little about me…

As well as being a freelance social media manager and consultant, I am also an award winning blogger and editor of several successful websites and online magazines. I also blog for publications such as The Huffington Post, and have written articles for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, and Nationals such as The Guardian.

Basically – I live a lot of my life online and The Internet is a place I know very well.

What would you say about TyreServ and Ricky?

Ricky loves to have fun and joke around but his mantra is “work hard play hard”. We have great team build days and wild parties but if your 15 minutes late for work then take my advice, take a  sick day. Ricky has a few pet hates one of those is lateness and the other is rudeness.

Kelly Oliver - Accounts Manager

Hello, my name is Kelly Oliver as you can most probably tell from the title I am Ricky’s aunt and the accounts manager. I have a passion for all animals but the greatest love of my life are my dogs and horses, I have a Rottweiler and Bullmastiff that take an immense amount of looking after but I wouldn’t change them for the world.

What would you say about TyreServ and your nephew?

Well, what can you say, Ricky has proved everyone who doubted him wrong. He is the first one at work of a morning and the last one to leave of a night, sometimes we have to remind him to sleep. But he loves it, he has a pure passion for what he does.

TyreServ has grown year on year and so has our family, we have contracts with some of the UK’s largest businesses and trust’s. But it’s still nice calling one of the branches and knowing who’s at the other end of the line.

Lee Mileham - Romford Branch Manager

Lee was a bit of a branch-managing prodigy: worked his way up through the ranks of the branch and quickly established himself—and his branch—as a cornerstone of the TyreServ community. He is a goal-setter and a team-player, a guy who is passionate about helping his customers and friends achieve their dreams. “My perfect day is being able to change someone else’s day,” he says.

For Lee,  TyreServ has provided more than a career it provides a comfortable lifestyle and has allowed him to meet the love of his life. Lee and his wife Lori met working at the Romford depot with, and now they raise their three young children together in the town they are both so passionate about.

What would you say about TyreServ and Ricky?
TyreServ and the family changed my life, I honestly don’t know what path my life would have taken if it wasn’t for TyreServ. We have even been discussing the possibilities of an intern program.

Marie Oliver - Basildon Branch Manager

Hello, my name is Marie Oliver and I am the Basildon branch manager and Ricky’s aunt. My background is the London pub trade, so I know how to handle high-pressure situations as well as having the ability to talk to people when they need help. My hobbies include Horses, Horses, and more Horses.

What would you say about TyreServ and your nephew?

I’m very proud of him, of course. But I’m not a fan of his high weekly and monthly targets, I tell him nearly every week we just cannot do it, but his answer is always the same “you will” and guess what, we always do. The customers just love what we do and are constantly remarking on how good the service is. You just can’t beat a family run business.

Lubomir Lackovic - Investment Consultant

Hello, my name is Lubomir Lackovic and I’m from Czechoslovakia, I was asked to consult on TyreServ in 2014 by Ricky and since then I have been regularly consulting on all manner of TyreServ’s finances. My hobbies are spending times with my lovely wife and walking our puppy labrador “Charlie”.

What would you say about TyreServ and Ricky?

I speak to many business heads and Ricky has the same glint in his eye, like a young boy opening his Christmas presents and getting what he wanted. Ricky is very focused and with my help, I believe we can make this business soar to new heights.