The Ideal Tyre Tread Depth

The Ideal Tyre Tread Depth

Here in the UK, and in many other countries, the law clearly specifies that all vehicles are fitted with the proper tyre tread size. This is because tyre treads are a huge determinant on just how safe your car is while on the road. The standard limit specified in the law is at 1.6 millimeters. You are required to change or replace the tyres before they reach this limit; for your own safety. When buying a new tyre, the tread can measure up to 8mm. as you use the car and the tyre gets worn out, this number reduces drastically. The rate at which the tread gets worn out is determined by other things; Terrain, Bad Driving & Load! The terrain or surface; driving in off-road conditions like on rocks and rough surfaces tend to hasten the wearing out of tyre treads. Which means that if you usually drive in… Read More »

What is the Correct Tyre Pressure

When discussing the car tyre pressure, you’ll find that we mostly use terms like under inflation and over inflation. Under inflation is when the tyre’s pressure is lesser than the recommended level. Over inflation on the other hand, is used to refer to tyre pressure that exceeds the set limits. Thus in the world of car tyre pressure, we talk of an under inflated tyre, correctly inflated tyre, or over inflated tyre. As the car owner, it is for you to ensure that the tyres are always properly inflated at all times. Over inflated tyres are dangerous to drive on especially in wet surfaces, or when braking. Likewise, under inflated tyres aren’t safe either; they lead to higher fuel consumption, loss of speed, damage to the rims, even instability of the car. The correct tyre pressure for your car is dependent on these things; What are the driving conditions? Different… Read More »

The Tyre Check Procedure

It is paramount that every car owner learns a thing or two about checking the wear, tear and suitability of their tyres. The procedure is easy and can be done by almost everyone. Failure to regularly check your tyres can make a huge difference. It could mean a bad ride, a sudden puncture, or even an accident. To help avoid any of these scenarios, it makes sense that you regularly check your tyres. Below, we have compiled a list of tips to help you do just this. You don’t have to be an expert in order to do these things.   One of the easiest and most recommended ways to check your tyres starts with a physical inspection. This means that you check your car tyres for any visual signs of damage to see if they need replacing, are badly worn out, over inflated, under inflated, and so on so… Read More »

How to Dispose of Used Tyres

Tyres are part and parcel of our daily lives and every city in the world has thousands of cars on the roads. This means that every day, thousands of tyres are being disposed of and it is important to ensure proper disposal of tyres to conserve the environment. How to dispose of tyres There are specialised companies that deal with tyres. They do not charge for collection and disposal of tyres, however, they are not that many and can only be found in certain locations. Be sure to check that the company has a valid waste carrier’s license since only registered waste carriers are allowed to legally dispose of them. Some tyre fitting companies and garages can take old tyres at a fee. You can pass by your local garage to find out whether they accept old tyres. Recycling Tyres are made of rubber, steel and textile and this makes… Read More »

Buying Tyres? Read This!

As a car owner, you’d be surprised to note that one of the most important components in the car isn’t the engine or how powerful it is; rather, it is the tyres! A faulty engine will require the tyres to carry it to a mechanic. But damaged or worn out tyres often means a halt to all mobility! That’s why a single car puncture can inconvenience even the most expensive car, and render it immobile on a busy road. Never wait for emergencies to strike, always think ahead. The below tyre buying guide will go a long way in helping you stay prepared at all times. First and foremost, never wait until the last minute or when you have a puncture, before looking for the best car tyre dealers. To avoid this, always carry out constant checks on your tyres to ascertain their fitness and condition. If you notice that… Read More »