Mobile Tyre Fitting

Never again do you need to waste time visiting the garage for new tyres, as our mobile tyre fitting service delivers the expertise of the garage to your doorstep.

We're fast, convenient and affordable, and can come to you, wherever and whenever you want us, come rain or shine. Read more

We're open 7 days a week, and our fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter vans, driven by highly trained professional fitters, travel the length and breadth of the UK, repairing and replacing your tyres at home, the office or even at the gym! If there's enough safe space for us to work, we'll do it wherever you are. We even offer 2 hour fitting windows, ensuring that you can organise your day around the fit instead of hanging around. Show Less

Wheel Balancing

All of our tyre prices are inclusive of wheel balancing to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible whilst also saving you time and money in the future. We do this because not only will it reduce vibration but it will also reduce the risk of premature ageing to your tyres, suspension and steering components. Read more

If a wheel is unbalanced, you’ll find that when the vehicle is raised on a car jack and the tyre is spun, the wheel will land in exactly the same position every time. So, imagine the effects this will have on the tyre when in contact with the road. Show Less

Battery Fitting

Flat batteries aren’t just inconvenient – they can leave you stranded miles from home. Our Battery Assist service can help you out whether you're a Member or not. So, if your battery does give up, we’ll come out and get you going again – whether you need a new battery, or just a charge.

Puncture Repair

Punctures are the worst, and have a nasty habit of hitting when they are least convenient. However, if it’s possible to carry out a puncture repair, then this works out at a fraction of the cost of a new tyre.

Corporate tyre check

A tyre safety check is when a trained tyre technician checks the depth and condition of all the tyres on your employee’s cars based within a business’s car park. The technician records the tread measurement by simply marking with a cross within the confines of each circle on a plastic tyre safety card. Read more

The card is then placed just under the rubber seal on the driver’s side window of their vehicle. The check is carried out on any employee vehicle whether it is privately owned or company owned so all employees are included. Show Less

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is the practice of moving tyres from one position on a vehicle to another, to ensure even tyre wear to provide consistent performance and extend the overall life of a set of tyres.

Tyre rotation can be undertaken at home or at work by our mobile technicians for just £59.99. Read more

Just talk to one of our advisors to assess whether tyre rotation is suitable for your vehicle.* Show Less