3 Types of Tyre Brands

There are numerous brands of tyre’s available on the market and there are different opinon’s by different motorists on which is best.

As with most things the more that you pay the better quality of the product and when it comes to tyre’s, you will get a better performance and long life.

Lesser quality tyres will wear out quicker and will be less safe on the road, so it makes sense to invest in a quality product.

Here are 3 Brands that are very popular and have a long history of quality.


Dunlop is a very famous tyre brand and is American. It has a full range of affordable quality products with van and lorry tyres available to suit all budgets.


This company was also formed in America and is well known world wide and is over one hundred years old. They was the first tyre firm to produce tubeless tyres and is know for being affordable with first class products.


Pirelli is famous in the motor racing world and is a very well know brand for normal cars also. They are considered the more expensive option of the three examples here but the quality of the tyre justifies the extra cost.


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