How to Care for Your Tyres

As with anything the more that you look after something, the longer it will last. Taking care of your tyres, although may take a little time will be worth it in the long run as it will prolong the life of them and it will save you having to replace them. Here are some tips of how you can do this. The main part of the tyre is the tread which is quite small really but it needs the most care as the safety of the vehicle and the people in it. It is in your best interests to keep... read more

Dealing with a Tyre Puncture

How to Deal With a Puncture Driving a vehicle with a flat Tyre can be dangerous as it is possible to lose control of the car which could cause an accident putting you and others around you in danger. This will cause the wheel rim to have contact with the road which will cause further damage. What Causes a puncture? There are two types of puncture which are slow and rapid and they are caused by different things. The sharper the object that penetrates the rubber the quicker the deflation will be. A fault with the valve could also let... read more

How Often Should You Check Your Tyres

Checking your car tyres regularly can help avert a major incident or accident.  It is always dangerous driving on over inflated car tyrres, under inflated car tyres, aged tyres whose grooves are worn out, and so on so forth. It may be too late for you to notice these and regrettable as it is to say this, you may learn the hard way. This is why you should always check the condition and fitness of your car tyres, as constantly as you can. It takes you just a few minutes to go over the car and check all tyres. The... read more

The Dangers of Under Inflated Tyres

As the only point of contact between the driver and his or her car, tyres play such a big role. It is very important that your car tyres are well maintained at all times. One of the most common problems that affect tyres is under inflation. This is where the tyre’s pressure is below the recommended standards. This could be as a result of a slow puncture, or a sudden one. Usually, not all under inflated tyres are easily noticeable. This is to say that under inflation varies in the levels, and while most are easy to observe, others are... read more

3 Types of Tyre Brands

There are numerous brands of tyre’s available on the market and there are different opinon’s by different motorists on which is best. As with most things the more that you pay the better quality of the product and when it comes to tyre’s, you will get a better performance and long life. Lesser quality tyres will wear out quicker and will be less safe on the road, so it makes sense to invest in a quality product. Here are 3 Brands that are very popular and have a long history of quality. Dunlop: Dunlop is a very famous tyre brand... read more

5 Tyre Facts

Your Tyre Pressure It is important for a number of reasons that you keep an eye on the pressure of your Tyres as they need to be at the right pressure and it is a legal requirement. The Cause of Accidents. If you have soft Tyres that are not inflated correctly then you run the risk of causing an accident. You will run the risk of a blowout which may cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Markings on the Tyre Sidewall These give you more information on the dimensions of the Tyre. It will state the height, width,... read more

Pirelli Show Off Full Range Of Wider Tyres

Regulation changes for next season mean tyres will be around 25 percent wider, with rears up from 325mm to 405, and fronts up from 245 to 305. Diameter will also increase very slightly, though wheel rim size remains unchanged at 13 inches. Testing of the new tyres has been going on since the summer, with three teams (Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull) providing ‘mule’ cars – 2015 F1 machines with a wider track modified to simulate in part the increased downforce that next year’s cars will generate. “We’ve made huge steps forward since trying the new tyres out for the... read more

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