Dealing with a Tyre Puncture

How to Deal With a Puncture

Driving a vehicle with a flat Tyre can be dangerous as it is possible to lose control of the car which could cause an accident putting you and others around you in danger. This will cause the wheel rim to have contact with the road which will cause further damage.

wheel puncture

What Causes a puncture?

There are two types of puncture which are slow and rapid and they are caused by different things. The sharper the object that penetrates the rubber the quicker the deflation will be.

A fault with the valve could also let the air out of the Tyre causing a slow puncture. The age of the Tyre can also be a factor as it is more likely to be worn.

It is documented that most punctures happen in the rear Tyres (around 80%) because the front wheel will flick any debris backwards toward the rear wheel and this causes the actual damage.

If this happens to you while driving you should aim to slow down as quickly and safely as possible and pull over to the side of the road. This will prevent further damage to the wheel and rubber.

Some debris that will cause a puncture are:

  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Glass
  • Stones
  • Blades

You should not attempt to deal with a puncture yourself on the side of the road as it is dangerous. It is recommended that you call a professional company to help you and deal with the problem in a safe manner.

The team at Tyreserv can assist you if you suddenly have a puncture while on your journey to help you get you back on your way. You can give a us a call on 01708 208 860 to arrange for one of our team to visit you wherever you are.

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