How Often Should You Check Your Tyres

Checking your car tyres regularly can help avert a major incident or accident.  It is always dangerous driving on over inflated car tyrres, under inflated car tyres, aged tyres whose grooves are worn out, and so on so forth. It may be too late for you to notice these and regrettable as it is to say this, you may learn the hard way. This is why you should always check the condition and fitness of your car tyres, as constantly as you can. It takes you just a few minutes to go over the car and check all tyres. The more often, the better.

The frequency with which you should check your car tyres is dependent upon the below factors;

Your driving patterns; your driving patterns are a factor in terms of how often you should check your tyres. People who drive long distances, in off road conditions; such cars tend to have their tyres worn out faster. On the contrary, if all you do is drive to the office or supermarket to get your groceries, and then back home, then clearly, your tyres are likely to serve you longer.

The condition of the tyres; new car tyres automatically require lesser checking, compared to older ones. If your car tyres are less than 4 months old, then you have little reason to worry. Good tyres will serve you for up to a year or more without any signs of trouble. However, if your car tyres are slightly aged and prone to problems, then you have every reason to constantly check them.

The driving experience; as a driver, you don’t just drive the car to your destination. You are also on the lookout for any mechanical or otherwise problems in the car, and find a solution promptly. Poorly inflated tyres can be noticed when you’re driving, you’ll the abnormal drag. Similarly, over inflated tyres can be dangerous when speeding or braking; you can also feel something is not right when driving on over inflated tyres. The moment you notice or feel any of these signs, then clearly, you should stop, and check all your car tyres to ensure their condition is right.

Depending on the above factors, you’ll decide how often you should check your car tyres. Sometimes, this could mean checking them after arriving to your destination, each morning, weekly, or even monthly.


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