TyreServ’s Corporate Tyre Checking Services

One of our services is a corporate tyre check to ensure that you and your staff are kept safe on the road while driving.
If you have a large fleet of vehicles, it is important  that they are properly maintained and roadworthy it is your duty to make sure each vehicle is up to UK safety standards.
Taking care of your fleet will prolong its life and serve you for years to come.
The amount that the tyres are used will contribute to wear and tear of the rubber but there are lot of other factors that will add to the damage. Incorrect tyre pressure, wheel alignment and the condition of the roads that you regularly drive on will all add up.

What is Offered in TyreServ’s Corporate Tyre Checking service?

Some of the things we look for in our check up’s are.
Tread depth is essential so that you can grip the road safely and keep you within UK law.
Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is important so you keep safe while driving The wrong pressure will also speed up damage and increase the chances of you needing a replacement.
Any external damage should be attended to immediately as this can cause a quick tyre failure. We will look for bumps, cracks and general unevenness.
The team at TyreServ can manage you fleet of vehicles no matter how large and visit your business premises. We also have a number of services to make sure that each is in safe running order.

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