TyreServ Can Visit You For Fast Puncture Repair

TyreServ have a puncture repair service available if you suddenly become immobile due to a flat or damaged tyre.
There is never a good time to get a puncture as it will delay your journey and cause an inconvenience.
There are a number if things that can cause a puncture. It can be anything from clipping the curb slightly, driving over damaged roads or running over something sharp like glass or a nail.
It is important to check your tyres on a regular basis for a slow puncture as this could blow out the tyre when you hit higher speeds which can cause loss of control of the vehicle.

Can all Punctures be Repaired?

Although some punctures can be repaired, It may not be possible to fix a tyre if the damage is too severe. If this is the case a new tyre will need to be fitted.
Get in touch with TyreServ today if you need assistance with your tyres so we can get you on the move again as quick as possible with our mobile tyre service.
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