Tyre Rotation Services by TyreServ

The purpose of Tyre Rotation is to ensure that you have even wear on each Tyre  around the whole vehicle. Uneven wear, a humming sound and driving long distances are all reason to look into having them rotated.

The front tyres wear out quicker than the back ones so it is a good idea to swap them to gain evenness. With a front wheel drive rotation, you will swap the front right tyre with the rear right. The rear right will then go to the front left. The front left will be placed on the back left with the back left tyre going on the front right position.

How Often Should I Book a Tyre Rotation Service?

It is generally recommended that you rotate your tyres every six months or six thousand miles and have a professional do the job for you rather than having a go yourself. This will ensure that the job is done correctly.
With a rear wheel drive rotation it works as follows. You move the front tyres to the back but switch sides.
A four wheel drive rotation you move the tyres in a horizontal fashion. Front right to rear left, rear left to front right and front left to back right and back right to front left.
With both changes you will need the vehicle elevated so all four tyres are off of the ground.
If you have a front wheel drive car the process will be different to a rear wheel driven car.

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