Our Wheel Balancing Service at TyreServ

Having a wheel balancing check is essential to protect your wheel, Tyres and have a more comfortable journey all round. What this procedure does is ensure that the weight around the Tyre and wheel is even around the axle so it spins freely and evenly.

If all of your wheels are unbalanced you will most likely experience wobbles and vibration during your journey, especially around the steering wheel. This will increase with the acceleration of your car.

Apart from the uncomfortable ride, there are certain problems that can be caused by being off balance.

Your Tyres will also gain extra heat and the wear and tear will be uneven, this will also put unwanted pressure on the bearings, suspension and Tyre tread.

How to Get Your Wheels Balanced

The procedure to correct this by one of our qualified technicians they will use a wheel balancing machine to detect any slight differences. Small weights are placed around the wheel to correct any problems.

Once this is all corrected, you will the enjoy a more comfortable drive and will notice the difference immediately as your wheels will spin evenly.

It is advised to have you wheels checked regularly and this will increase the life of the Tyres.

You can get in touch with the team at TyreServ  by calling 01708 208 860 or use the contact page. Just enter some simple details and we will get back to you fast with a quotation.

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