Should You Change Tyres for the Winter?

Should you change your car tyres for winter? Well, the answer is both a Yes, and a No. Yes because driving in winter is so different, you’ll need specially designed tyres to help you negotiate over wet or snowy surfaces. And No, because there are some alternatives like adding chains to the tyres to give them more traction. But the larger picture is this; if you can afford it, it’s much better when you’re driving on specially designed winter tyres. Adding chains to the tyres is good; but it has its limitations. In fact, most EU countries have strict rules that all cars driving in winter conditions must have winter tyres. As such, you may have no alternative but to get some winter tyres in order to avoid fines when driving in the EU.

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Why is it so important to have winter tyres?

Driving in winter conditions can be tricky at best; at worse, it can be dangerous. The surface is usually wet and extremely slippery. Couple this with the poor visibility and you realize just why driving in such conditions can be dangerous. Even driving on the recommended low speed, the car could slip off the highway anytime and land into a ditch. You can find out about the UK speed laws
here. Winter tyres are made for this exact purpose; to help enhance the car’s stability. The tyres also got larger and deeper grooves; this lets them allow water to drain out easily while driving in the rain. The grooves also enable the tyre to have better grip on the slippery snow. Anyone who has driven on snow will confirm just how slippery it can be and with the ordinary standard tyres, you may skid of the road very easily.

Some car owners feel that buying winter tyres is an extra cost that they can dodge. However, winter tyres are all about your own safety and convenience. Winter and flowing are becoming worse by the years and you can’t afford to risk your safety by driving using ordinary tyres. Skidding off the road, or being trapped in a remote place due to the weather can be costly. Besides, there are some winter tyres that are ideal for driving in ordinary conditions; these are thus more cost friendly. With such, you wouldn’t have to buy new tyres each time winter came calling; the tyres can multi task.

Your local car tyre dealer should have some winter tyres in stock; consult them on the best ones for your particular type of car.

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